Khawla Abdurrahman Al-Mulla, family cohesion and stability are a fundamental pillar of civilization

I was often struck by the luminous words of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah: “Building people is the greatest investment in building homelands,” not only because it represents a practical essence in the social field, but because it represents a social theory that was and still is An essential pillar for building civilizations. No one can mention throughout the ages that a civilization was established on a society that lacks family values. On the contrary, the civilizations of nations have spread since the first foundations of the cohesion of their societies were laid, and it is not far from us to mention the Arab civilization, which is a living example that is still vibrant in our history with its realistic factors. Everyone knows that the foundations of this great Arab civilization have established solid social relations since the drawing of Islam, and established provisions for the establishment of the family and the continuation of the relations of its members, making them distinct in its entity, personality, morals and goals, so that the Arab person set out, crossing its geographical borders carrying a civilized message, which nations received with welcome and admiration in the east of the earth And its west. I would like to elaborate on the discussion until I fulfill my articles of the place of the family and the inevitability of its societal role. Talking about building the human being and developing the family as the essence of society needs an exploration of the depths of civilizations and their existence and searching for the source of their development in order to fulfill the aspect of social development to fulfill its right and its role in the renaissance of nations, this aspect that had the basis for entering Europe is the age of enlightenment and the start of its scientific, cultural and social renaissance, to reach the progress and prosperity it has now reached. In a historical simulation, as academics, we look to the unique renaissance achieved by the UAE in its five decades to extrapolate its philosophy and forward-looking vision based on the foundations of sustainable building for human cadres before stone, harnessing all its potentials to build a cohesive family. Since the beginnings of the union, the concept of family development was present in the visions and ambitions of the founding fathers, and the UAE followed its approach, firmly believing that any development does not protect the family and does not inspire the cultural stock of society and its morals. It is evident in the indicators of the national agenda aiming to reach a cohesive society that preserves its identity within the framework of policies and programs enacted by our wise leaders so that families live within a single consensus, and within the framework of legislations and initiatives that guarantee their rights, enhance their cohesion and unleash their energies to contribute to the building, development and prosperity of the UAE. Perhaps it goes without saying and among the axioms of history that the family is the backbone of the renaissance and the backbone of it, and that the developed country is the one in which social development increases, and it seeks with all its efforts to put in place the legislative and executive frameworks that enhance the status of the family in society, because the family is considered a “government.” A miniature “governed by standards and governed by controls to protect society from all factors that threaten its security and stability. If the joints of the family structure are weakened, the social contract, with its moral and legal dimensions, will be damaged in its structure.” Hence the keenness of the wise leadership in the UAE to pay attention to the family as a major axis of development, as a primary incubator for young people who are reliant on building the nation, and to participate in the system of its development and social mobility towards a more solid, cohesive and happy society, this interest that enabled the UAE to be the first in the Arab world in the list “The best countries to take care of a family”. This leadership was due to the efforts of the UAE in its fruitful endeavor to be the homeland of safety and peace, and a natural result of its innovative initiatives that focused on development priorities in the family field. The Emirate of Sharjah had its distinctive imprint in launching pioneering projects to serve the family, based on the multiplicity of institutions that take care of every individual. Society to achieve integration in meeting most of the needs of the emirate’s residents, on the social, psychological, artistic and sports levels. Indeed, Sharjah has taken a unique path in enacting legislation that preserves the social fabric of its position and privacy, such as the family court and other unprecedented legislation at the regional level. The adoption of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God preserve him, the decree by a federal law amending some provisions of the Law on Regulating Labor Relations, through which the worker in the private sector is granted paid parental leave to care for his child, as a culmination of these efforts and confirming “There is no doubt about it.” “The wise leadership is keen on continuing the march of upgrading the family, and providing everything that would lead to the well-being and stability of families. This step is exceptional in its social and economic dimensions and because of its importance in achieving cohesion and family stability, achieving gender balance, encouraging young talents to engage in work, and enhancing the work environment in the state’s private sector to align the next phase, as part of the state’s directions to prepare for the next fifty years.

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